19 July 2011

Pegasus Cheerleading Recruitment Drive 2011

Hello to Pegasus-ians!

We are now currently recruiting people for our cheerleading team for this year's IMU CUP! :)

If you are interested, please send in your particulars (such as your name, student ID, e-mail address and most importantly, handphone number! :)) to this following e-mail address: huei-wens@hotmail.com or you can sms it to this number 0122367546

No experience are required to join this. You join for the experience :) So all of you are welcomed! Boys are encourage to join too :)

Huei Wen
Cheerleading Captain

08 July 2011

Annual General Meeting 2011

To dear all Pegasus members,

First and foremost, welcome back to IMU again for your new semester! And while for those are still on holiday, happy holidays! Hope you all of you guys are fine and healthy and still kicking :)

Today, i will like to announce to you that we will be having our first Annual General Meeting 2011 this year this month. It will be held at LT2 on 11 am, 29th July 2011 (Friday). In the meeting, the old core committeee members will be officially stepping down and a new captain and other positions will be elected as well on the same day. Attendance will be compulsory.

On that day, you can also redeem your Pegasus t-shirts if you still haven't done yet. Hope to see you guys there in 2 weeks time

Best regards,
Vice captain 2010

19 May 2011

Latest update (19/05/2011)

Dear to all the Pegasus members,

There are two announcements I will like to make.

First is about the AGM. I know there is a lot of you asking when is the Pegasus AGM. Lets assured, it will be on somewhere around end of July or early of August.

The main reason of much delayed meeting was because most of the batches are either on holiday or having exam soon therefore having the AGM around july-august allow more people to come for the meeting. So i really hope to see you guys at the meeting that day.

The main objective of the AGM is to elect a new core committee members (captain, secretary, treasurer, PR liason). So if you are interested in any of those post. Please do come for the meeting.

The precised date of the AGM has not decided yet but we will let you guys know 2 weeks upperhand. So stay tune with our blog (imupegasus.blogspot.com) or our facebook (imu pegasus).

The second announcement is about the sports rep. Just to let you know, we are currently electing new sports representatives for all the sports. So if any of you are interested to hold the sports you are interested with, feel free to let me know by either message me here (Facebook), my e-mail (eddy_joe1@hotmail.com) or my handphone (012-2198025).

In the message, do send in a rough detail about you (name, batch name) and the sports you played on your previous IMU Cup outing as well as your experience for the sport (representative for school or state or country)

Thats all from me.

Best regards,


23 September 2010

Update: Shirt Distribution

We are going to distribute the t-shirts on Friday (24/09/10) from 11 am till 1 pm.
Please drop by at the 4th floor just in front of the Audi during that time.
Have a nice good weekend everyone :)


22 September 2010


Dear Pegasusians,

IMU Cup has just resumed back after 1 and half week break. More games will come and there are still spaces for you guys to play. If you guys interested to play, please contact our respective sports rep. We appreciated your effort to join any of the games. :)

Another news! The new shirts have just arrived. So we will distribute the shirts as soon as possible. So everyone, please be patient, we are hoping to distribute by this week as soon as we settle the stocks. Thank you for your patiences. :)

On the recruitment drive, we are currently in need of (ALOT) players for those 3 sports. Those games are very near to the real event already (WITHIN THIS TWO WEEKS) so we hope that you can come and participate any of those games there. Your participations are really appreciated. Thank You :)

If you are interested, please either contact or sms the respective sport's rep. :)

Contact numbers:

Cheryl (Squash) - 0123678604
Tatsuki Abe (Swimming)- 0166010042
Leon Tang (Tennis)-01668774258

Go Pegasus!